“Art is a language I use to attempt to articulate the less rational and more mysterious realms of being human.

An exploration of the inner landscape and worlds real and imagined, spiritual and physical are inherent in my process. The abstracted figures act as a cross between superheroes and totemic beings, guardians that bridge the seen and unseen. They surface in some ways without my knowing; slipping in through the cracks as medicine; to honor and remind.

I am a self-taught artist, experimenting with materials on hand; recycled paint colors, second hand canvases and found materials. I use wax and paper to add layers and depth to the painted surface, often letting the random and organic shapes that emerge inform and define a narrative. The layering and removing of materials is an attempt to create a sense of texture and time and, also, to speak to the impermanence of the physical realm.”

—Carla Caletti