Diane Epstein’s two decades living in Italy left an undeniable stamp on her soul. Already a relationship counselor, workshop facilitator, culinary adventure leader and creativity coach, in Italy she was inspired to add fine art photography to the mix, over time developing a multilayered process she calls fresco photography. Epstein, who now lives in the San Francisco Bay area, also specializes in creating images to be used in biophilic design, which is an innovative way of designing the places where we live, work, and learn such that we connect in a deep and fundamental way – what Epstein refers to as “a love of all that is alive” interwoven between nature and ourselves.

Over the years, her art’s appeal has extended beyond private collectors and has become known to architects and designers who see how her images enhance the experience of those inhabiting or moving through a space – Epstein’s fresco photography now graces the lobbies and rooms of high-end hotels, workplaces and luxury residences across Italy, Asia and North America.

“In Italy, I was in the grip of heart-stopping beauty at every turn, it seemed. And everywhere, I was entranced by this sweet reverence for imperfection and the patina of time, which overlays the ancient trees, crumbling walls, and centuries-old structures that still possess an undiminished poise and strength of character.

That’s when my life’s work became clear to me. And through now having explored many different cultures through my lens, it’s also become clear to me that we are always in a dance with our environment — we shape it, and it shapes us. I’m passionate about creating images that become part of that dance, that not only reflect a deep love of life and the art of living, but which also become part of environments that breathe life and vitality into the people who visit, dwell or work in them.

Research in biophilic design now tells us what we sensed all along: that there’s a direct connection between design with natural elements and the stirring and engagement of positive emotions. My intuition tells me that somewhere beyond science, it’s possible to listen to my images as well as to view them. They have stories to whisper, dreams to evoke.

What I know for sure is that I am here on earth to create images that are a tribute to the timeless, that celebrate ageless beauty, and that make you grateful and happy to be alive.”

– Diane Epstein