A collaborative conglomerate of 6–20 international and full-time artists whose efforts in Italy, Mexico and the USA have created enduring mixed-media arts via workshops, exhibitions and collective studio practice during the past three years. Believing that collaborative actions generate an opportunity to experience the highest forms of communication and interaction despite differences in culture, language or even aesthetic disciplines, GAP engages in mixed-media practice ignoring ownership of mark or attachment to results through a process of trust and engaged activity. The results of these experiences were shared at Room Art Gallery from March 1 – April 30, 2016.

Carl Heyward USA

Akiko Suzuki JAPAN

Vered Gersztenkorn ISRAEL


Ron Shelton USA

N Masani Landfair Wisewaters USA

Laura Oh KOREA

Massimo Nota ITALY

Joan Stennick USA

John Crabtree UK

Jenny Hynes USA

Heather Wilcoxon USA

Glen Rogers MEXICO

Alvaro Sanchez GUATEMALA


Gregory J. Rose USA

Opening Reception will be
March 1st, 2016 from 6:00-8:00pm

Carl Heyward: mixed-media artist / writer leader and founding member GAP

Artist’s Statement:
“I am a mixed media artist with an interest in juxtaposition of imagery and themes through various media; there is something appealing to me in the combination of fractured or fragmented images that coalesce into something new and different especially in that the ‘rough-edges’ of the units have meaning and can’t be broken down any further as ‘morpheme’ in language; these visual units are then put together with other, often dissimilar, morphemes producing something between the lines, so to speak; an alchemy beyond intention; the parts not distilled, but united with other units of visual meaning, information producing a higher plane of communication.”

Jennifer Amy Hynes is a mixed media artist and writer from Northern California. In her studio, nothing is off limits, paint, paper, charcoal, stitching, ripping, stomping, scratching, gluing, spontaneous mark making and automatic drawing are some of the ways she gets started. Emotions, past life experience, global political concerns and the human experience fuel the fire; as it roars, she works on many pieces simultaneously, leaving a trail of discards, until through the smoke a single piece is revealed that speaks to Jennifer, a simple idea. The trash is then reused the next day as collage or departure points for new work. Fragments of thoughts become fragments of discarded and torn up pieces that are reborn into a new piece or are part of collaborations with her Global Art Project colleagues. Jennifer has found refuge with the members of GAP, a place where free thinking and free expression thrives. The group, many of whom she’s never met in person, speak a similar language. She says, “I was nervous at first, to meet up with two of my GAP colleagues to work together, but when we started gluing, drawing and painting on one piece, then the next, it was spooky, we were in sync, we spoke the same visual language.” This experience has shifted the way she looks at her own work when operating solo. She says, “It feels like I can stand back further from my own work and look at it with a more open mind, look at the ART, not be too self critical.” When Jennifer is not working in her studio, she is taking care of her soon to be two-year-old twins, Jack and Fiona, or writing about them and life as a working artist and mother on her blog, www.dirtylaundryblog.com.

Jennifer didn’t take the traditional route; a troubled teen, she dropped out of high school and hitchhiked across the United States to live in New York. She returned to California, went to Contra Costa Community College in Richmond, California, transferred to California State Hayward University to earn her BFA, then most recently received her Post Baccalaureate from the San Francisco Art Institute focusing on printmaking. She has been in several group shows in the Bay Area and is eager to share her work and the collaborative work she is doing with GAP with the world.

Vered Gersztenkorn is a self-taught painter and mixed media artist living in Tel Aviv, Israel and is a founding member of Global Art Project

Akiko Suzuki: A fiber artist based in Osaka, Japan and a founding member of Global Art Project. Mixed media artist, specializing in the contemporary art Quilt, an offshoot of the Western folk practice introduced into Japan in the 1960s.

Copy invisible things on the cloth
Sew the sounds of not hear
Share my poetry with you
Scissors, thread, needle and sewing machine
Continue the creative temptation until the end of the world

Chaewon Laura Oh: Seoul, Korea. A founding member of GAP / painter / fiber and mixed media artist.

Artist Statement:
“The act of making art is the only way of healing myself. It is the road I’ve chosen to survive in this world. Just like everybody else, I am surrounded by fluidity such as death, time, memory, the void and anxiety. I am not trying to find answers here. I only want to heal myself in time, and by piling up my life stories, I want to get close to my genuine self that has been hiding deep inside of me.”

Gregory J. Rose: Born in Easton, Pennsylvania. Gregory is an East Coast native transplanted in the Midwest (United States of America). Formally educated at the Pennsylvania State University, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2000, and received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota in 2004 with a concentration in Drawing and Painting. Gregory has been teaching in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system since 2003 and is Fine Arts Faculty at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Gregory has exhibited in New York along with many other US cities and has begun to build an international career as well. Namely known as a painter, Gregory J. Rose has been a creative force working in music, voice-over work in TV commercials, the fine arts, art education and community engagement, adding to his global presence.

Artist Statement:
“My work is rooted in how narrative intersects with collective memory. The use of fragments is attuned to the notion of scar tissue, with the combination of visual language co-opted from the urban landscape, and the history of abstraction in drawing and painting. Intimacy in the moment of violence and intense energy seems to be the main vein running through my work.”

Glen Rogers: artist / print maker / public art installations Mazatlán, Mexico

Artist Statement:
“My work is inspired by universal symbols and the infinite forms in nature. I often travel to sacred sites around the globe for my inspiration and recently published ‘Art and Sacred Sites: Connecting with Spirit of Place’. I consider my work mystical and meditative, transcending into the spiritual realm. In these works, I have ‘re-purposed’ monotype prints and solarplate etchings – tearing and collaging in an intuitive approach to art making.”

Macha Melanie: France: choreographer / dancer / visual artist

N. Masani Landfair is a Found Object, Collage, Mix Media Artist from Chicago. A professional artist for over 15 years who won First Place in 2004 at the Museum of Science and Industry’s Black Creativity Juried Exhibition and shown in several local galleries including the Historical South Side Community Art Center. She is apart of the Chicago’s 12 curated by Sergio Gomez that exhibited at the Zhou B Art Center and the Garfield Park Conservatory. Her works are in private collections in the United States and Europe. She currently resides and works in Georgia and is a member of the Global Artist Project created by Carl Heyward.