“My mode is organic abstraction. I work with shapes found in nature and develop compositions that allude to natural processes, both in the external world and the inner world of self. I think of each work as having it’s own visual ecosystem.

“The work springs from the sense of color and light in landscape and an internal landscape of organic form. Recurring shapes have become a visual language for me: the calyx or tulip shape has evolved into a symbolic shape of offering or vessel, the stylized leaf form is a symbol of growth, femininity and evolution. It is through this language of symbol and shape that I find a sense of internal order and completeness within each painting.

“The juxtaposition of different shapes, spaces and textures create for me a mesmerizing dance of perception, one that lifts me above repetitive and linear thought patterns. My goal is to create images that reach beyond a literal sense of place to an internal, meditative one.” – Katherine Warinner