“Although there is seldom a pre-conceived image that I start with, there is a clear determination of where I want to travel with each painting. It is rather like being blindfolded and asked to walk around the land you have lived on most of your life. Also, imagine cliffs surrounding all the exterior edges. Although there is a familiarity of the space you have walked many times, there is the danger of going too far in any one direction.

Over the years I have been continually fascinated and in search of combining luminosity with the layered surface of buried or forgotten images. In an attempt to record my present and past thoughts and memories, I place as many images, markings and words as possible into the process of each painting. I am continually editing myself in hopes of reaching a balance of noise and solitude. The images and textured surfaces represent the energy and activity level I experience throughout the day, while the light and open space of the paintings signifies the more reflective moments.

– Mark Perlman


25 Influences, 2013                                    

Encaustic on Panels

The list of twenty-five influences is just a sampling of important people that have affected my life in one way or another. I suppose just like everyone else on the earth, my list could conceivably have covered the entire gallery. It was almost impossible to stop once I started thinking of people–painters, writers, musicians—and events that I recall with fond memories and gratitude.

Therefore, after my original list, I have listed other people who need mentioning to ease my mind. If I ever do something like this again, I’ll know to make hundreds of small tribute paintings to represent all those people who have inspired me.

  1. Ina Perlman – wife and soulmate, 41 years and counting
  2. Ashley Perlman – daughter and inspiration
  3. Cal and Ryna Perlman – parents
  4. Penny Perlman and Judy Wein – sisters
  5. The Can Collective – friends I grew up with in the wooded areas of Carnegie, PA
  6. Don Group – Wrestling coach
  7. Carl Shanahan – Junior high school art teacher
  8. Bud Mall – Printmaking professor, Clarion University
  9. Barry Avedon – Drawing professor and friend, Eastern Michigan University
  10. Lee Mitchell – painter, friend – Eastern Michigan University
  11. Bill Roseberry – painter and friend, West Virginia University
  12. Will Peterson – Printmaking professor, West Virginia University
  13. Al Dunkel – printmaker, colleague, and friend – Thiel College
  14. Joshua Rose – painter and kindred spirit, Las Cruces, NM
  15. Kurt Kemp – printmaker, colleague, and best friend, UTEP & SSU
  16. Rembrandt – painter
  17. Arshille Gorky – painter
  18. Phillip Guston – painter
  19. Bob Dylan
  20. The Rolling Stones
  21. The Beatles
  22. Herman Hesse – writer
  23. J.D.Salinger – writer
  24. My students (SSU-25 years; UTEP-5 years; Thiel College-3 years)
  25. Joshua Rose-painter , friend and kindred spirit

The List Goes On:
Sarah Morris – grandmother
Bill Heller – uncle
Paul Perhosky – principal, junior high school
Michael Schwager – curator and friend, S.S.U.
Paul Bowles – writer
Stan Lee – creator of Superman
Tom Nakashima – painting professor, friend – West Virginia University
Terry Winters-painter
Sheldon Iden – painting professor, Eastern Michigan University
Pittsburgh Pirates (1960 World Champions)
Rublev – Russian icon painter
Motown – music
Ed Spahr – painter, ex-brother-in-law
Phillip Roth – writer
Charles Bukowski – writer
Mad magazine
Carlo Stone,curator and friend, S.S.U.
SNL(the 1970’s)
Peter Pan
James McGee-Sculptor El Paso Texas
Eugene O’Neil-playwright
Raymond Carver-writer
Jackson Browne
Cy Twombly – painter
Bruce Springsteen – musician
Picasso – artist
Ross Bleckner – painter
Atlantic City – 4 summers
Woodstock Music Festival-participant 1969
My Sonoma County Friends (you know who you are)