Sawyer Rose is a sculptor and mixed-media artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2015, Rose exhibited a large-scale, site-specific installation titled “FLUX.” Suspended orb sculptures, armored in silver solder and copper, created dynamic clusters in a warehouse-sized arts venue. Rose’s work is now available through Room Gallery, Mill Valley, CA. Her current project, “Seeds of the Monoliths,” showcases hanging metal sphere forms and large-scale, free-standing floor sculptures.

“Using a soldering iron as a paintbrush, I sculpt abstracted organic and botanical forms in layers of molten silver solder. My most recent series, ‘Seeds of the Monoliths,’ is an installation of suspended and freestanding sphere sculptures that have been armored in silver solder and copper. Using the texture of the metal as my primary mark-making medium, the liquefied silver morphs into bark, or feathers, or scales. I have, for a long time now, been fascinated with the bold forms of the native flora and fauna of California.

“Many of my textural concepts spring from the exceptional beauty I see around me daily. I begin my sculptures by building an armature in the approximate shape of the final piece. Solder sticks to copper, so where I want to apply solder I first cover the armature with adhesive copper foil. Next, I lay down the first layer of texture in solder as one might apply paint with a brush. I add dimension to the work by strategically placing beads of solder to create depth and contrast. I might also cut forms from copper and solder them to the main structure. The pieces are covered with a rich black patina, and burnished with steel wool to bring out shining highlights on the raised peaks, while leaving dark in the valleys.”