As I build one body of work on the previous ones, there are certain elements that remain constant, forming a link or thread that continues to develop, progress and evolve. Formal issues of line, surface and color intermingle with conceptual ideas of sacred space, solitude, vulnerability, the passage of time and of leaving one’s mark. Each piece and series is a personal meditation on what connects the past and present and the beauty of imperfection.

My intention is to create artwork that evokes a sense of transcendent mystery and to imbue my marks with a vulnerability and vitality that reflect a human condition, emotion or state of mind. In this body of work titled “Urban Scrawl,” line and surface are my primary concerns.

I am interested in the expressive qualities of line and in the point at which line becomes more than line—when line becomes shape, symbol or image. I am also interested in surfaces that have a presence and reveal a history or passage of time. I am inspired by ancient cave painting, contemporary graffiti and marks that are made to record an event, relay a message or state a belief. It is this idea of leaving one’s mark and how the marks we make relate to our experiences and environment that drives my efforts. For me, it’s all about the search to find out who we are and what we leave behind in the process.

“Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life.” – Henry Miller